Like the old song "Return to Sender, address unknown..." ,we (the reunion/events committee) do not have postal or email addresses for many of our classmates. We would like to let them know about this website and/or send them information by U.S. Mail about our future class events. 

Please help us find a current postal or email address for the classmates listed below by:
1) sending the address(es) to Kathy (McKenney) Hornberger at
2) email Kathy with any good clues you may have regarding their whereabouts, or how to locate them.
3) if you know anyone on the list who is deceased, please let us know that also.

It is not our intention to badger anyone if they don't want to be contacted (we have a few who have previously indicated such & we respect that), but for those who have just lost touch and would like to be connected, we'd like to give them that opportunity.
Thanks for your help.

Need current addresses:
Christine Acker
Patricia Alger
Eleanor Auerswald
Janice Banks (Bullis)
Dale Barrett
Ted Bastiani
Ann Benjamin
Rickena Benjamin
Edward Bikowitz
Robert Binkowski
Carl Blanchard
Duane Boyce
Terry Brandow
Bill Brannigan
Steve Britton
Chuck Brothers
Carla Brown
Jennifer Brown
Robert Buckley
Corrine Burnash
Theresa Burrell
Jacqueline Cody
Lynn Cowett
Linda Cozz
Jacqueline Crozier
James Curtis
Linda Dapp
Joe Dillon
William Dumas
Susan Dunne
Terry Farrigan
Bruce French
Kenneth Irwin
Gaile Kerr
Robert Kilinsky
Joan Kleinke
Mickey Knull
Sue Lauterborn
Craig Lawrence
Mary Liese
Linda MacDowell
Cheryl Matrone
Karen McCarthy
David McCarville
Douglas McDonnell
Judy Morgan
Sally Mudge
Mary Ann Mueller
William Munro
Donna Myers
Carolyn Olson
Keven Ostrander
Javin Owens
Sally Pachter
Ken Pangburn
Penny Pangburn
Grace Prusky
David Quinn
Mark Rabaciauskas
Bonnie Ryan
Carol Salvinski
Pete Sandow
William Solodow
Chuck Stealey
Judy Synder (Bess)
Linda Thomas
Chris Trendell
Doug Wever
Kevin Williams